Visionary Seron Brooks is not your average visionary. After being raised in an environment where both parents lived a life of criminal activities, drugs and crimes, he decided to make a change. However, his story does not begin on the bright side. In fact, his triumphs stemmed from being in a life full of darkness. At the age of 12, Brooks’ life of crime began and continued well into his late 30’s. After serving many years in and out of juvenile institutions, being shot, stabbed, left for dead twice and sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, he began to seek help from a much higher power. “I’ve literally lived over half my life behind prison walls and the other half in the streets with absolutely no hope at all. I even contemplated suicide a few times because I couldn’t find a reason to live, I was at an end with no way out!”

Originally, Brooks never believed in God because everyone he knew lived the same type of lifestyle that he did - which made it normal. “I also always heard the stories about this “white man religion” called Christianity, in which I’ve always persecuted and would never in a million years chose to follow. But, one day Jesus decided to visit me and He spoke these very words to me ‘follow me for today I will make you a fisher of men throughout this world!”

It was at this moment when the vision for Impact Change Now, Inc. was birthed.


Mr. Seron Brooks has so much to share, that you must come and hear!